2 Simple Practices to Help You Flourish

Flourishing in its’ simplest definition, means to grow luxuriantly; to thrive and achieve success. But flourishing in life doesn’t happen by choice, it happens by conscious action.


One such practice is ‘SAVORING.’ Psychologists define savoring as the practice of appreciating small meaningful moments (or micromoments). It’s when we consciously appreciate an event, activity, experience or acknowledge a small victory(which I call personal wins). Savoring is simply noticing all the good things around you with a heart of gratitude.

One way I practice this is by reading outside and savoring the breeze, dance of the trees and the rays of sunlight. I intentionally take in the beauty of God’s creation and Thank God for the present moment I’m in. This practice slows me down and give thanks to God for another day of life to enjoy. #savor


Another practice that can help us flourish is a practice called the ‘5 minute favor’— “the simple practice of being in the mindset of carving out just five minutes of your day to do something that will benefit the lives of others in your network – without expecting anything in return.” (Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist). In other words, ACTS OF KINDNESS and APPRECIATION.

One way I like to practice this is at work by sending a email of appreciation to a colleague who did something to help me.

Let’s practice more kindness and savoring so we can BE well, LOVE well and DO more good in the ?

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