2021. The Year to Drip in Finesse.

A while ago when I was watching American Idol or The Masked Singer, a song by Bruno Mars came on called “Finesse.” If Bruno was in the spirit, the song lyrics would’ve had a different meaning but as I considered his lyrics, I couldn’t help but think of how the lyrics “when I’m walking with you, I watch the whole room change, that’s what you do”, could be applied to God.

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Happy New Year

It’s a New Year! Forget the Past! Focus Forward!

Good-bye, 2020!  Welcome, 2021! It has been said that for every ending there is a new beginning and to that, I say “GOD I thank ya!” I am SO thankful we can receive NEW strength, NEW grace, and NEW mercy from God for each NEW day! I really don’t know where I would be or what state of mind I would be in today had it not been for God’s grace and strength sustaining me in 2020. Can I get an Amen?

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