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Created for Greater Impact

In 2020, I believe God wants me to make a greater impact for His kingdom. This deep sense of spiritual mission drives my daily decision making and thinking. I’m always evaluating my life asking “Am I making the impact I was created to make” and “How can I impact more people with my life for the glory of God?


As a matter of fact, this sense of greater impact is in me so deep that I prayerfully decided to leave one particular job in order to shift to another that would allow me to impact more people for God’s glory. If you are in a place (a job, a church, a relationship, a mental or emotional state) that is not allowing you to move forward in making the impact you know you were created to make, I would encourage you to seek the Lord in prayer to get the clarity you need on how you can do so.


I don’t want to get to the end of my life with regrets, wishing I could’ve made a greater impact on the lives of others. We only get one shot at this earthly life. I want to make my life count in a great way.


I don’t want to live small in fear and shrink back from all the great things God has created me to do. I want to live by BOLD faith and present my everyday ordinary living, breathing, working and parenting to God as a sacrifice, believing He will bless AND multiply my efforts exponentially and globally for His glory and honor.

So what about you?

What do you need to start doing in 2020 in order to make a greater impact for God? Maybe it’s a new business, book, a blog, or podcast He wants you to start. Or, maybe it’s simply serving on a ministry team at your church or leading a small group. Maybe it’s choosing to speak up more at work about your faith. Or maybe it’s starting an outreach effort in your community. The unique way God wants each of us to impact the world for His glory is going to vary according to our unique purpose, calling and giftedness.


The key is knowing what He wants you to do and then doing it. So ask God to make known to you the specific good He wants YOU to do. Ask Him to show you the vision He has in mind for your life impact. This may require a season of prayer, fasting, and soul searching but do it.
A life of greater impact awaits you on the other side of your faith AND obedient action.  


Don’t allow yourself to live below your God-given purpose and potential. Don’t allow yourself to believe you were meant to live a small, mediocre and insignificant life. Those are lies from the enemy sent to keep you silent, small, insecure and ineffective for God.



You were created for GLOBAL IMPACT. You were meant to do the GREAT THINGS God has prepared in advance for you to do long ago (Eph. 2:10). You already have the supernatural power you need to succeed for God’s glory. Embrace it and release it in the world.


I don’t know about you but I plan to take bold action each day to reach more people with a message of love, hope, encouragement, and salvation. Whether it be through my job, my blog, my podcast OR be it in my role as a mom and wife–I will show up in 2020 stronger, smarter, braver and more determined to create spaces and take up spaces where God can be glorified and people can be impacted at a greater level. Will you commit to doing the same?



You and I were created for GREATER IMPACT. YOU MUST BELIEVE IT before you can see it and be it. Together, let’s walk into 2020 with the God-given power, authority and greatness we‘ve been gifted by the most-High God. Because you– my friend– are destined for greater impact!


Let’s go after 2020 with a new sense of purpose, energy, power, authority, determination, fervor and passion to do and become all God has purposed for us to do and become. Love you and Happy New Year!!


Be sure to check out the new content and interviews that will begin to drop on Jan. 3rd. Until then, may your hearts be full of hope and expectancy for the goodness and greatness that awaits you in 2020. Your BEST DAYS are ahead!! Keep the faith and keep moving forward!!! For with Christ, you can AND YOU WILL do GREAT THINGS!!

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  • Paula December 28, 2019   Reply →

    This gives me inspiration to move forward in Big ways! Thank you my friend!

    • Radhika Cruz December 28, 2019   Reply →

      So happy to hear this my friend! We are meant for greater impact! As we walk by faith and live a life of obedience, we will do BIG things for God! Sending hugs and praying you are encouraged my friend!! Xoxo

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