Opportunities in Crisis

Crisis Creates Opportunities

Crisis always provides an invitation for us to grow, innovate, create, change and elevate ourselves. We can choose to Pivot or Panic, Grow or Grieve, Hope or Despair. But do we always choose to maximize these opportunities in crisis?

When facing crises, challenges or difficulties, we must remember there’s always an opportunity to learn, get better and grow. If we want to succeed and thrive through crises,  Zig Ziglar believes we “Expect the best, prepare for the worst and maximize what comes.” Do you agree?



Expecting the best means we need to have a faith-filled and hope-FULL perspective that trusts in God at ALL times. It’s resting in the truth that God will cause all things to work out for our good, no matter what we see right now.



Preparing for the worst means we need to be wise and cautious in our actions and decisions. We need to think about the impact our actions will have on our well-being, relationships, and future outcomes. Our preparation plans must be directed by God and not our emotions.



And when it comes to maximizing what comes, this means embracing whatever comes your way with HOPE, FAITH and ACTION. It’s choosing to see opportunities INSTEAD of just obstacles in a crisis. And it’s choosing to embrace crisis as an opportunity to deepen our faith, develop our character and gain God’s perspective on how we should be shining our light, using our time, living out our purpose, using our gifts and impacting the world.



I’d love to share more of my thoughts on this topic but for now, take a moment to consider how you can better manage your thoughts, emotions, responses, perspective and time in the midst of this global pandemic. God wants us to be at complete peace (John 14:27) in the midst of every storm. He doesn’t want us to just survive through the storms of life. As his sons and daughters, He wants us to be at peace and THRIVE (John 10:10)!


So. What action will you commit to in order to better lead your life in this season? Please do share so I can learn and grow with you. #togetherwearebetter #togetherwethrive

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