divine disruption

Divine Disruptions for Divine Purposes

They say hindsight is 20-20 because when you look back at things that have happened in your life, hopefully you’ve learned some things or gained a different perspective. Hopefully you’ve gained a new or deeper understanding of why you experienced what you did.

One day, as I was having my morning devotional, the following Daily Verse popped up on my phone:

“A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life], But the LORD directs his steps and establishes them.”Proverbs‬ ‭16:9‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Now, as someone who likes to plan the course of her life by setting goals etc, I can’t help but now laugh at how SO many of MY plans have been divinely disrupted. For example…..


I had plans to marry a tall, Black man but God had plans for me to marry a not so tall, Puerto Rican, God-fearing, humble man instead. And let me tell you. He’s God’s best earthly gift to me. I knew who I wanted but God knew who I needed.

I had plans to become a missionary overseas but God had plans for me to go on a few missions trips overseas. I had plans to retire from a specific career path and live in a certain state but God divinely disrupted my plans. I’m now in a career AND state I never even planned for or desires! I had plans to not have any children but I now have two children that I didn’t plan for (two of God’s best gifts to me—who knew?!)

I had plans to always work in the marketplace but God directed me to work in vocational ministry for 5 years which was NEVER in my plan. But I’ve grown so much and helped so many people as a result.

I also had plans for my two kids to make great memories with BOTH my parents but that plan has been disrupted by the unexpected and tragic death of my mother (due to cancer) and a relocation that places me 1200 miles away from my father.

I really could go on and on with examples of my own life but you get the point. Life doesn’t turn out the way we plan because it’s actually God who is at work directing our lives.


As I grow in my walk with God and continue to cry out for His perspective, (an eternal, kingdom perspective) on these perceived ‘disruptions’ in my life, I’m becoming more and more aware of how these are not disruptions at all. They are divine directives.

I now see how God has used things such as the death of my mom, two relocations and three career changes to direct me toward His purposes and plans. And His plans always have to do with people. People who I have been divinely assigned to love, build up, nurture and lead using the gifts, talents, abilities, traits, personality and perspective God has uniquely deposited in me.

Divine Directives

As you go through life and journey with God, hopefully you can see how God has used (or will use) your pain, trauma, disappointments and other life disruptors such as relocations, demotions, divorce, death, disease, diagnoses, troubles, hardships, obstacles, this pandemic, your promotions, personality, passions and preferences to direct you toward the fulfillment of His plans for your life.(Which by the way is always about loving and serving people).

We must remember that it is God who directs our lives and not us. So we must trust His leading, even when we are led through a valley of pain, distress, discouragement, disappointment, agony, frustration, poverty, hardship, loneliness and lack. So often we ask for more clarity when we simply need more trust (in Him).

Divine Interruptions

We may try to chart a course for our lives but we must learn to see “disruptions to our plans” as divine interruptions designed to supernaturally direct our steps toward fulfilling God’s plans and purposes for our lives.

From a spiritual/kingdom perspective, these divine interruptions are never designed to intentionally harm us or others, they are designed to direct us to the people we are to impact for God’s glory and purposes which is to bring them the Gospel message of hope, repentance, salvation, reconciliation and gift of eternal life for all who believe.

No matter where God leads us, we are to be His ambassador, His representative and His witness who shares the good news about His unconditional love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, salvation, gift of eternal life and plans to prosper them.


My prayer is for you and I to always view our perceived life disruptions as divine interruptions, divine redirection and divine assignments that are for our good, God’s glory and the good of others. May we be convinced that God has good plans for us—even when the tool He uses to direct us seeing feel or look so good.

Let’s trust God’s good intentions for us and remember that God uses ALL of our life experiences (the good AND what we perceive as bad) to serve His GREAT purposes.

And although on this side of heaven we may never understand the purpose for certain pain experienced in our lives, we can rest assure that He will cause it to work for our good, His glory and His purposes. That’s His promise and on that we can stand.

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