past failures

How do you respond to Failure? This is how I respond when he speaks.

He’s always there. Lurking in the shadows. Glaring. Staring. Blaming and blaring.

So I asked:

Who are you? What do you want from me?  Why do you constantly pursue and accuse me?
Why won’t you leave me alone? Why do you torment me?  Stop obscuring my sight!
Can’t you see I’m tryna move forward, and make moves with my life?
I demand to know who you are! I demand to know what you want!!
Show me your face now! So we can get on with this fight!

Failure Speaks

I am Failure. And I’m here to remind you of all your past mistakes.
I’m here to remind you of what you’ve done and where you’ve been.
Yes, all that stuff you’ve kept hidden, on the down low, concealed in the dark.
I’m here to distract you and paralyze you. Keep you stuck in fear, shame, and oh yes, much regret.


I’m here to define you. To condemn you. To mock you. And shame you.
Can’t you see your story is over? Your life simply finished!
Stop and look. Can’t you see?
Don’t you know your past mistakes were fatal? You might as well accept your fatal reality.
Your mistakes have ruined your life! How can you even dream of alternative possibilities?

So I said to Failure:

You are a liar. A distractor. A rotten scoundrel and dirty ole thief.
But you will no longer rob me of my joy, my hope, or even my peace.
I will no longer allow you to distract me with all your lies and grief.
The past is behind me. Pressing on toward the mark– is what I now seek.


You can no longer keep me stuck in shame or fear–and all that defeat.
I’ve realized my past mistakes were not fatal, as you dared to speak.
Now it’s your turn to listen up. Because it’s MY TURN to speak.


I have been cleansed and forgiven. I”m no longer a slave to sin.
I’ve been redeemed, set free– washed clean from all my sin.
I am no longer bound by fear or sin, by grief or by shame.
All of my stains have been removed because of the ONE who was slain.
My past is gone. I have been made new.
So here’s the TRUTH— that I’ll keep speaking to you.


ALL my past is gone. It has been erased.
I have been made new. So good-bye boo boo.
My eyes are fixed before me. Yes no longer behind me.
Who do you think you are? Thinking you can actually stop me!


I’m running my race. With eyes fixed on HIS face.
So get out of my way. I’ve had enough. You’re nothing but a disgrace.
I’ve gotten back up. I’m no longer backing down.
And I dare you to come and watch. As I straighten my crown.


So You can keep staring. And you can keep glaring.
You can keep accusing and continue on blaring.
But you can no longer hold me, because I know my birthright.


I am a champion. I am royalty. Fearless warrior. You can’t stop me!
I am capable. I am competent. I can say this con-fi-dent-ly!
Because of Him, I’m more than a conqueror. Because of Him, I’m unstoppable.


I’m claiming my good fortune. And I’m taking back my future too.
God’s perfectly designed plan– will ALWAYS surpass you.
Every promise, every purpose, every prize, and every plan.
God has promised to fulfill– because my life, and my future, is all in HIS hands.


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Personal Reflection Zone

  1. What has Failure been saying to you about your identity, worth, purpose, potential, and future?
  2. How will you start silencing the voice of FAILURE in your life?
  3. What promises of God will you start speaking to Failure when he comes to remind you of past mistakes?
  4. What’s one thing you will say to Failure today to remind him of who you are in Christ?



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