Emerging Strong Out of Crisis

A crisis such as global health pandemic (or race pandemic) always presents us with a turning point—for better or for worse. And how we EMERGE from crisis depends on how we perceive AND RESPOND to the crisis. The good news is WE GET TO CHOOSE how we PERCEIVE crisis AND RESPOND to it.


As I get ready to return to gathering again at work, I’ve been thinking about the many lessons many of us have learned during our global health AND race-related pandemic. Many of us have learned more about racial equity, racial justice, diversity and inclusion (including our implicit biases, fragility and trauma responses).


Many of us established or clarified our priorities and took bold action to align our actions to those priorities. And we took action to protect AND strengthen our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health so we can be well and live well🌱. A lot of us created new health habits and committed to living out of our values rather than social pressure. And we started scheduling our priorities, and not our comfort-based preferences.

Many of us assessed what we needed to be at peace, feel safe and thrive during these times. And many of us made those things non-negotiable.


During this past year, I chose to perceive crisis as an opportunity for me to grow—> to refocus, evolve, get stronger, wiser and healthier by doing the things I just noted above. I made the decision to only focus on what I can control—my inner thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors—and then trust the rest to God.🙏🏽

I hope this pandemic has caused you to establish (or reestablish) your life priorities so you can live your life with better health, more meaning, clarity of purpose and conviction of mission.

Here’s to us emerging out of this pandemic wiser, stronger, braver, more healthier and purpose-driven than ever before!


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