Minimalist Living is Abundant Living driven by a Minimalist Mindset.

This past year, I decluttered. Not my house per se but my life. This global pandemic helped me to slow down and reevaluate my priorities in life. It helped me to evaluate what I was giving all of my time, attention and energy to. This past year, I would go as far as saying I’ve adopted a minimalist mindset. And it has changed my life.

The Goal of Minimalism

Many would say minimalism means owning less/buying less material possessions and getting rid of things that no longer ‘spark joy’, serve your well-being or purpose in life.

But the goal of minimalism is to experience a sense of freedom. Freedom from worry, being overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, busy, burdened and distracted.

Who doesn’t want to free from all that?

A Minimalist Mindset

However, Minimalist LIVING flows from a minimalist MINDSET.

A minimalist mindset is about reclaiming your time, focus, energy, enthusiasm, joy and sense of life meaning by focusing on the things that really matter to you.

Things such as your relationships, your health & well-being, your personal growth, your joy and personal passions. In short, minimalism rejects the cultural lie that having more and doing more means being more happy.


Creating time and space for Joy

Minimalist living (some may call this conscious living or intentional living) is driven by a particular set of personal core values (one of which is joy) & those values are reflected in what you prioritize or give your time, energy and attention to. So, whatever is priority (or most important to you), gets your time, energy and attention.


A minimalist mindset begins with being clear on your values which leads to establishing priorities and acting on what truly matters to you. I call this making daily (conscious) decisions to thrive in life.

For minimalists, things such as physical and mental well-being are not optional.  They are requirements. And making daily decisions to thrive increases the odds of experiencing an abundant life–a life that is more Joy-FULL, peace-FULL, meaning-FULL, enjoyable and purpose-FULL.

This past year and a half, I chose to prioritize myself—my mental health, physical health & emotional health. I did this by doing more of the things that energize me, inspire me and spark joy in me—things like reading for pleasure, listening to stimulating podcasts, exercising and taking long walks with my hubby.

BUT— in order to give my time and energy to these enjoyable experiences, I had to stop giving my time to things such as watching TV and scrolling on social media because they weren’t adding meaning, energy or joy to my life.


JoyFULL Living 

I don’t think a minimalist lifestyle is simply owning less stuff or getting rid of most of your stuff. I think it also includes getting rid of all the things distracting you from living from a place of peace,  joy, meaning, purpose, significance, prosperity and conviction. This is the minimalist way.

I think it’s true that having less AND doing less (in other words having a slower and simpler life) can actually lead to living a more meaning-full, purpose-full and joy-Full life.

??What do YOU think? What decluttering, shedding or purging do you plan to do in your own life so you can live a more meaningful, joyful and purposeful life? I’d love to know! Please share your thoughts with me so I can ponder, learn and grow! xox0


It’s time to choose what matters, what passes away, what’s necessary and what’s not so we can make those decisions and thrive!

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