She was exhausted from striving to control her destiny

??‍♀️I decided to stop trying to control my destiny through my actions. My choices. My decisions. My planning.


I’ve have learned through pain, loss, and disappointment that my destiny will be fulfilled by God when I can fully surrender my plans (what I want to do), and embrace His perfect plan (what He wants to do) in my life. Sometimes the best thing we can do on the road to destiny is not striving for what WE want, but rather SURRENDERING to what GOD wants to GIVE us. Success is not found in our striving. It’s found in our surrender.



As you process your God-DETERMINED destiny, remember that it will require your obedience +your faith + your trust + your surrender + GOD’s initiative working on your behalf. But fear not my friend. When you walk with God, you always win. You always succeed. You always triumph. (Rom.8:31) Believe God will fulfill His purpose for you (Ps. 138:8)



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