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Represent your faith, views and voice with statement apparel.

I am BEYOND excited to share with you my Fall 2020 statement apparel!!


Being Black in America 

Here’s the story behind these new statement pieces. As a woman of color in America, I have experienced the silencing of my voice at various tables, I’ve experienced being mocked and ridiculed because of my melanin skin and I’ve experienced public shaming at the hand of close, trusted sister-friends. For far too long, melanin skin has a history of being despised and rejected. For far too long melanated voices have been silenced and often underrepresented. And for far too long, many women of color have demonized, discredited and disrespected their very own sisters.



My 2020 Fall clothing line was inspired by my refusal to hate my skin, my sisters and my silencers because of past painful experiences. This statement apparel is my way of using my voice to say ENOUGH!! Enough of silencing melanated voices. Enough of the competing, comparing and shaming within our community of sisters. And enough of the hatred and colorism when it comes to our melanin skin.



As a woman of color, I believe EVERY shade of melanin skin deserves to be appreciated and celebrated. I believe our spirits can be refreshed and strengthened with support from true sisters. And I believe our melanated voices deserve to be amplified, protected and most certainly respected. It’s time to amplify melanated voices. It’s time to celebrate every shade of melanin skin. And it’s time to build an authentic community of strong, supportive sisters. This is the vision. Diversity. Inclusion. Equity. Sisterhood for ALL.


So join me in celebrating the melanin/brown skin we’re in. Let’s lift our voices and speak out. And let’s serve as an example for how to be a strong, supportive sister.



Will you help me spread this message and be a part of my SISTERHOOD? You can shop for your statement tee, hoodie, beanie, mug or bag at my Etsy Store here??  You can also shop my store right here on my site:


Thank you for helping me spread this message of diversity, inclusion, equity and sisterhood?




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