The divine appointment in disappointment

Over the years, I’ve missed out on a lot of joy, peace, and INNER prosperity in the past because I had a certain expectation of how things were ‘supposed to be” in my life.

Misdirected Disappointment

So when God‘s divine hands allowed some part of my story to go against the script I had written in my heart—I grew frustrated, angry, and disappointed with almost everyone and with almost everything. And over time, my unprocessed and unchecked feelings (which were misdirected toward people but were really toward God who I thought failed me) turned into discouragement and depression.


But let me tell you….

  • Once I surrendered my pen…..
  • Once I reframed life disappointments as divine appointments to grow in God…
  • Once I understood my steps were ordered by God & that I’m right where HE wants me to be..
  • Once I stopped striving ‘to arrive’ according to my plans and started surrendering to God’s plans..
  • Once I replaced my ‘supposed to’ expectation type thinking with ‘divine orchestration’ thinking..


I was able to experience peace, joy and contentment that surpassed my understanding. 

I was able to say “it is well with my soul”

I was able to say “thy will be done” 

I was able to see my place in life as positioned by the almighty hand of God.


Peace in the place of God

After all these years, I can FINALLY look at my past and my present (as Joseph did in Gen. 50:19) and say with complete peace, hope, certainty, and God-confidence,

“I am in the place of God”. 


I want to encourage you to see your rejection as divine redirection. See your disappointments as divine appointments to know and grow in God more. No matter what pain, hardship, disappointment, or rejection you may have faced in life, know that God will work it out for your good. I’m a living witness. No matter where you find yourself today, (even if it’s a pit like Joseph experienced) I hope you’ll resolve in your spirit “I am in the place of God.” And I hope you will have a higher kingdom perspective on your life like Joseph who didn’t see his life as being sold into slavery. He saw it as being sent to save lives. What kingdom perspective does God want YOU to have when it comes to your painful life experiences and problems?


Friend, I pray God’s peace will surround you and I pray you’ll choose to place all of your hope, trust, and confidence in Him. And I hope you’ll believe God’s promise to work ALL things out for your good. All your pain and all your problems. Trust His pen. Trust His process. And Trust His timing. He’s writing a beautiful story for your life. And mine.


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