The way out of ALL your problems.

??‍♀️I decided to stop focusing on the way-out of MY problems so I could focus on my Way-maker instead.

Focusing on Goliath

I don’t know about you but if I’m not careful, I can tend to focus all my attention on the walls (problems) in front of me and grow discouraged, critical, frustrated and negative. But I’ve learned through much pain and disappointment (and the loving rebuke from trusted leaders and pastors) that I can choose to see my problems as OBSTACLES or see them as OPPORTUNITIES for God to move and grow me. I can remain problem-focused or God-focused. I can stay focused on MY GOD, or on my Goliaths.


Pruned for Fruitfulness

My dear friend. Please Make the decision to focus your attention on your WHO—your Waymaker and Promise-Keeper instead of your WHAT—your walls and your problems. This is how you make daily decisions to THRIVE in life? (Is.43:19)



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