Why Your Best Days Are Ahead.

For every ending in our lives, there is a new beginning. Rather than focus on the events and experiences of the past, I choose to focus on all the good and great things God has planned for my future.

Personal Reflections and Expecations

I’m excited about what God has next for me. I hope you are too. My faith and courage is greater than ever before. I’m living out God’s vision, purpose, and mission for my life greater than years before.

My God-confidence has become greater than my fears and doubt. Who I am in Christ is crystal clear. And because I’m convinced that I am loved and accepted by God unconditionally, I have a greater love and acceptance of myself like never before.
And because Christ lives within me, I humbly rejoice in knowing I am powerful, impactful, resourceful, wonderful, delightful, beautiful, inspirational and unstoppable. I am God’s masterpiece–who is fearfully and wonderfully made. AS ARE YOU!
This decade is going to be like none other. IN THIS PAST DECADE, I have gone from surviving to thriving. From good to great. But only because THE GREAT I AM is in me, with me and for me. And I believe I will continue to thrive and do even greater things, not by my might and power, but because of God’s spirit and say so. This is my God-story and to Him be all the glory.

Reflection Zone

?In this last year or decade, what would you say have been your greatest wins, learns and gains?

?What GREATER things are you believing/expecting God to do IN you and THROUGH you?

??Let me know in the comments below so I can join in prayer with you. Here’s to our BEST DAYS being ahead!

Looking for more inspiration and resources?

Check out my podcast and other resources to gain the insight, guidance, and encouragement you need to do and become all God has planned and purposed for you to do and become HERE.

You were created for greater impact. You were created on purpose, for a purpose. It’s time for you to believe it. See it. And be it. It’s time for you to grow into who you were destined to become. It won’t be easy. But it will be worth it. Your future starts with the decisions you make today. Decide wisely.

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