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Stuck in Doubt

My limiting beliefs

For so many years in my life, I didn’t believe I had the power, talents, gifts or resources to succeed at life. As one of six bi-racial children, raised on public assistance in ‘da hood’, I remember gazing out of my housing project bedroom window thinking, “I’m going to die here.”


This subconscious belief caused me to drift through life without a personal dream, vision, or plan for my life. Because I couldn’t see who I could be, I couldn’t see my possibilities.

My impoverished environment and life experiences taught me to believe “I wasn’t good enough, gifted enough, smart enough or talented enough” to succeed in life. These beliefs literally cut off any dreaming in me. I doubted my value, my power, my significance and worth. I literally subscribed to the belief that “life is rough and then you die.”

The Turning Point

It was not until I entered into a relationship with God that I was able to recognize my significance. It has been over the course of four decades that God has helped me discover my true identity and purpose in Him. And it was God who showed me how I was divinely designed and gifted to do great works that He purposed me to do long ago.

As I began to recognize my doubts and replace them with the truth of His word concerning how wonder-FULL, power-FULL and significant I am in Him, believing this truth actually set me free. Finally I was able to believe the truth of my divine identity, giftedness and significance. And finally I was able to live life with a sense of meaning, purpose and mission.

From Surviving to Thriving

Today, I am happy to say I have gone from surviving to thriving in life. And by thriving, I mean being convinced of my divine greatness, giftedness, power, purpose and significance in Christ. To me, thriving in life is when my mind, will and emotions reflect the mind and character or Christ. Thriving in life means I have the ability to lead my thoughts, feelings and actions in ways please God, serve people, and accomplish His purposes and plans.

Living a life that thrives means having the ability to view our identity and abilities in light of God’s character, promises, power and provision. For me, it meant replacing my every “I’m not” thought, with THE GREAT “I am”.

As a wife to an amazing man, mother of two charming children, sister to five fabulous siblings, mentor to some powerful women and friend to many extraordinary people; there truly is no greater joy and success in life than for me to help those around me discover their God-given gifts and significance, so they can know how they’ve been equipped to make a BIG difference.

My Expertise

For the past 15 years, I have helped children, couples and families involved with public welfare agencies and/or faith based organizations to get unstuck in life. Currently, I serve as a professional trainer at a national organization providing trauma-informed education, support and consultation to equip human service professionals with the therapeutic skills and tools they need to help traumatized youth shift from surviving to thriving in life.

My Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies has equipped me with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary for helping individuals develop a plan for how to achieve their goals and succeed in life.

Like most people, we want to enjoy a life full of significant meaning, purpose and impact. We want to believe we were made for more than just surviving in life. We want to know we have the power and potential to contribute to the world in great ways using our God-given gifts. But how about YOU?

What’s getting in your way of thriving in life?

Do you desire to live a life of greatness but question your ability to achieve it?

Do you question if you are good enough, smart enough, gifted enough or capable enough to succeed in life?

Do you doubt you value or question your significance?

Do you feel stuck, discouraged or disappointed with your current life status?

Does life feel directionless, meaningless or purposeless to you?

Have you been desiring more clarity and insight into your unique gifts, purpose and significance?

Have you been longing for guidance on how to fulfill your dreams, goals and potential?

Can I help you get unstuck?

If this describes you, you’re in the right place. I’m here to help you break free from the doubt and disbelief that’s been holding you back from thriving in life. I know what it’s like to be stuck in survival mode and I know what it takes to get unstuck. 

As someone who has assessed, trained, coached, counseled and resourced countless individuals and families on how to recognize and break free from what’s hanging them up and holding them back from succeeding in life, I would love to help you get rid of the things holding you back from becoming your best self.

Will you allow me to be your personal growth mentor, helping you BECOME your best self so you can BRING your best self and gifts to those you lead, love and work with? I truly believe TODAY is your day for breaking through to a BETTER version of YOU!

Make the decision to thrive

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