2021. The Year to Drip in Finesse.

A while ago when I was watching American Idol or The Masked Singer, a song by Bruno Mars came on called “Finesse.” If Bruno was in the spirit, the song lyrics would’ve had a different meaning but as I considered his lyrics, I couldn’t help but think of how the lyrics “when I’m walking with you, I watch the whole room change, that’s what you do”, could be applied to God.


The truth is, when we walk with God, we move through life with unexplainable peace, abundant joy, and unwavering faith no matter what comes our way. Everything around us changes because of God’s presence in our lives. When we walk with God, He changes the way we think, behave, respond, and relate to people and the world around us. This is what the Spirit of the living God does for us. It transforms us and gives us spiritual swag or finesse. Not because of who we are, what we look like or what we can do. But because of who God is and what He is able to do.

I don’t know about you but in this new year, I want to be drippin in the finesse of God. I want my life overflowing with an abundance of God’s presence, love, peace, joy, and power in my life. That’s the swag I’m after.

But as I consider this idea of “drippin in the finesse” of God, I realize that I must move with His vision for my life in mind. If I’m not aware of what He has called me to be and do, if I have no clue as to the direction He wants me to go, I am headed for trouble, to say the least. In order to know what we should be working toward in this new year, we need clarity. We need God’s vision for our lives to be made known to us. We need a revelation from God.


When we have God’s vision for our lives, it means we have a revelation of His heart or desire for our lives AND the world. God’s vision for us should serve as a compass that guides us through life. God’s vision for us should determine how we lead our lives. It should determine the direction we go in, the decisions we make, and the actions we take. If we want to live out God’s purpose for our lives, God’s vision must direct the goals and priorities we set and the values or principles by which we live. 


Without knowing God’s vision for our lives (our marriage, our family, our business, our platform, etc.) will always live below God’s purpose for our lives. And we’ll find ourselves wandering aimlessly through life without direction, clarity of purpose, passion, meaning, or mission.

How do I know this you ask? Because I lived that way for years. Does this sound like the kind of life you want to live? A life without meaning, purpose, passion, or direction? Romans 12:1 tells us to

“Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it.”


Just as God had a vision in mind for how to redeem mankind back to him by sending His only son Jesus, He also had a vision in mind for Jeremiah’s life, which was to be a prophet to the nations (Jer.1:5-6), and Joseph’s life which was to be a leader who would save lives (Gen. 50:20). And just as God had a vision in mind for Abraham which was to make him fruitful (Gen. 17:6) famous (Gen. 12:2-3)  and a father of many nations (Gen. 12; 15), God also has a vision in mind for you and me. How do I know this? Because Proverbs 16:4 says the Lord has made everything (that includes you and me) for its purpose.


We have a purpose. We have a unique role/assignment to fulfill in God’s vision for mankind which is to redeem every person back to Him (2 Pt.3:9; Jn.3:16).

Often times, God’s vision for our lives will require us to leave some people, places, and things behind (such as our mistakes, unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, regret, our longings, our country or even our family like Abraham had to do according to Gen. 12:1-3), in order for us to be rightly positioned to receive God’s blessings.

For Abraham, God’s vision included the promise of a blessed life which included a BIG family, fame, and fortune. But these blessings (or evidence of God’s favor on his life) followed his FAITH. In short, we can see how FAITH was the X-factor for God’s favor in Abraham’s life (Rom. 4:16). And it needs to be THE X-FACTOR in ours too if we want to live an exceedingly blessed life.



Abraham chose to believe God’s promise to him and left everything behind. Even when he didn’t know where he was going. Even though he had to leave his family, friends, and everything he was familiar with (and maybe even comfortable with) behind.

Even when he was asked to sacrifice his one and only beloved son, Abraham chose to believe God was able to bring dead things back to life and create new things out of nothing. Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping and believing God’s promise. He never wavered. He was FULLY CONVINCED that God is able to do whatever He promises. (Rom. 4:17-21).


So how about you? Are you fully convinced God will fulfill His promises for your life in this new year? Especially when it seems there is no reason to hope? Even when He asks you to give up some things, to leave what’s familiar to you OR let go of some people and places you’d like to hold on to? Are you willing to chase after God’s presence this year so you can receive a revelation of His vision for your life? And are you ready to let go of the life you imagined for yourself so you can embrace the life God has envisioned for you?



So often we think we’re losing out on or being set-back from receiving good things when God asks us to leave or let go of some things/people/opportunities/places we love, long for and treasure the most.

But don’t you see? This is right where God wants us. It’s not a set-back! It’s actually a set up for a blessing! He wants you to trust and believe He will fulfill His promises for your life. He wants you to leave those former ways of thinking and behaving behind so you can be free to receive every blessing He has for you. But it will require your faith, obedience, trust. 


Will you trust God at His word? Will you believe that what He has for your future is better than what lies behind in your past? Will you choose to live by faith even when you don’t know which direction you should go? Will you trust God to show you what you need to know and do when you need to know it and do it?  Are you fully convinced that God will fulfill His purpose for you (Ps. 57:2)?


I’m choosing to trust God’s plans to prosper me and lead me, even when I don’t fully understand His plans or leading. I am convinced God will fulfill His purpose for my life. So I can rest and cease striving to fulfill it myself. My job is to surrender and obey. God’s job is to lead and fulfill.

My prayer is that you’ll receive God’s vision (heart) for your life so that you’ll have the clarity you need to align all your plans, decisions, goals, and actions to serve God’s purposes and not your own.

I can say from experience that a life aligned to God’s purposes is an abundant life FULL of love, hope, joy, peace, prosperity, power, significance, impact, and purpose. Who doesn’t want to ‘drip in THIS type of spiritual finesse’?

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