The strength and power of sisterhood.

When it comes to the strength and power of sisterhood, Angela Coleman, sisterhood activist and founder of Sisterhood agenda, says sisterhood is “a safe space [for women] to share and heal, especially useful when it feels like to world is against you. To call another woman a sister is to say, “I trust you”, “I have your back”, “Your feelings are valid”, and “I believe in you.”

What is sisterhood?

Dr, Karmetria Dunham Burton (transformational leader, diversity expert, and founder of Paint your Lips Red) defines sisterhood as a bond between women who share common goals and can come together to move the agenda forward.” 

So many women (like you and me) are longing for a safe space with other women by which we can REDEFINE our identity, RECLAIM our Dignity, and REVOLUTIONIZE our thinking (Sisterhood of Greatness Manifesto, Blanche A. Williams). Why is this the case?



Well, using the words of Dr. Brene Brown, it’s because “we are hard-wired for connection. It’s what gives meaning and purpose to life. And without it, there’s always suffering.” Even God said it’s not good for us to be alone (Gen. 2:18). Relational connection is in our divine DNA.


As women, we long for connection. And we long to share space with other women where we can:

  1. Share who we are authentically and unapologetically, free of shame and blame
  2. Share our goals, hopes, and dreams
  3. Give support and encouragement
  4. Receive support, encouragement, AND healing



But why is sisterhood so hard to find and create? What’s stopping us from experiencing meaningful sisterhood?

These questions and more are what I discuss with my sister-friend, Crystal Heard in my latest podcast episode. I hope you’ll listen and share your thoughts, feelings, and questions with us so we can continue the conversation with your experiences and feelings in mind. Tune in HERE to listen to part one of the podcast OR watch the episode below. I know it will encourage, uplift, and maybe even challenge you (IN A GOOD WAY). #sisterhood


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