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What do romance novels and pornography have in common?

The media has saturated our culture (and in turn our minds) with sexual messages that influence our behavior and pollute our hearts.

According to an article by Pediatrics, an official Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 75% of prime-time programs contain sexual content, talk about sex on TV occurs approximately 8 to 10 times per hour and online pornography is now a $1 billion industry. The media has an extremely powerful influence on our sexual attitudes, values, and beliefs. And when Christians buy into these messages, their behavior and witness soon follows.


It’s no wonder so many Christians (single and married) are struggling with things that are NOT pleasing to God such as masturbation, pornography, premarital sex, and extramarital sex. The world’s pattern of living is influencing countless numbers of Christians to reject God’s standards for holiness and accepts the word’s standards instead. Rather than take a stand for godliness (loving God’s ways), many succumb to worldliness (loving the world’s ways).

The Fight for Purity

If you are a Christian single who feels alone in your fight for sexual purity, this podcast episode is for YOU. The truth is you are not alone. Many Christian men and women are fighting for sexual purity just like you. But if you want to win the fight, you must resist the messages in our world and fight with your spiritual weapons!


No matter what type of sexual sin you struggle with, you can overcome it with God. It’s also important for you to share your struggle with a godly (and nonjudgmental) friend, pastor or counselor. You weren’t meant to do this alone. Let someone into your shame and pain so you can be set free. Know that I’m praying for you but most importantly, know that Jesus is interceding for you.

Want more encouragement?

Listen to my latest podcast episode to hear from 4 Christian singles who are striving for sexual purity in a hypersexualized world. You’ll laugh, be enlightened, uplifted AND challenged to keep fighting, even when you fall. Be encouraged my friend because you aren’t alone in the fight. God is with you and so are so many others.

Listen for a clip of my conversation with 4 singles on dating, porn, romance novels, and sex before marriage.

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