Christian Singles

Christian Singles Striving for Purity in a Sexualized World.

The struggle is real for today’s Christian singles ages 25 and up. Not only are there real financial and emotional struggles, but there are also real sexual purity struggles. Unfortunately, many singles have been told they are still single because they’re in sin or there’s something ‘wrong with them’. How ridiculous! Since when did one’s martial status serve as the standard for purity and perfection? If anything, marriage MAGNIFIES our sin and imperfections!

Singles viewed as second class citizens

Recently I came across an article that reported 45% of Christian singles surveyed said they feel devalued or in a lesser life stage because of their single status. Another article said church-going singles reported feeling like second class citizens in their own congregations.


What messages are we sending to Christian singles that are causing them to feel like they have less value or less to offer the world because they aren’t married? Why does one’s marital status serve as a marker or indicator of individual value, significance and worth?


Your marital status does not define your significance

Regardless of your marital status, you are valuable and have much to contribute to your community and world. Your worth, desirability and lovability is not defined by your marital status. My single brother and sisters in Christ should not feel as if they are second class ministers in comparison to married couples. Why are they being “single shamed” because they don’t have children and a spouse? This is ridiculous and outrageous.


As a faith community, why are we not creating safe spaces for singles to express their struggles and failures without judgment or condemnation? And why aren’t we doing a better job of helping singles prepare for marriage (if that’s they help they need) OR manage their sexual desires in ways that are pleasing to God (if that’s the help they need)?



If you’d like to hear from a few Christian singles on the above-mentioned questions and more, be sure to check out my LEAD LOVE THRIVE podcast episode # 34 called “Striving for purity in a sexualized world“. And let me know what questions YOU would like me to ask the panel on your behalf.


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