Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Inclusive Leadership Starts With You.

I believe DARING INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP is wholehearted leadership where those we lead, love, and work with feel AND experience dignity, worth, voice, vote, and value for their authentic selves.

Daring Inclusive Leaders

Daring Inclusive Leaders are not simply born. They are intentionally made. Daring leaders seek to not only build their COMPETENCE, they first and foremost seek to develop their CHARACTER. Daring leaders recognize all of their actions reflect their hearts. You can’t be inclusive or act in inclusive ways unless you first value inclusion. Daring Inclusive Leaders choose to intentionally cultivate their character– daily. They cultivate their courage, compassion, and curiosity each morning when they wake up by choosing:


🎯Courage over discomfort.
🎯Serve others over being served.
🎯Curiosity & compassion over judgment.
🎯To recognize and challenge personal biases by diversifying their decision-making table. A table that helps them expand their perspectives AND reshape their policies and practices…..


Daring Inclusive Leaders cultivate their growth by asking themselves before going to bed each night:

🎯Did I do what was right even when I was UNcomfortable?
🎯Did I choose courage over comfort?
🎯Did I lead with a heart of conviction and compassion?
🎯Did I contribute to the best interests of others?

🎯Did my actions stir up ‘good trouble, necessary trouble?’ The kind of trouble that ensures equitable opportunities and outcomes for all?


Even if you are only leading yourself, your family, or a friend rather than an organization at this time, I hope you’ll continue to dare greatly and get into ‘good trouble, necessary trouble’ as you work to ensure liberty, justice, and equity for all.

What action do you need to take to become a more inclusive leader worth following?

What will you do to EDUCATE yourself more on matters related to diversity, inclusion, and equity?

What will you do to QUESTION your biases, current leadership, and level of impact?

What will you to do UNDERSTAND the perspective of those not like you? The oppressed & disadvantaged?

What will you do to INCLUDE EVERYONE, especially those systematically disadvantaged & oppressed?

What will you do to THINK beyond yourself and fight for the highest possible good of those you lead, work with, and serve?

In what ways do you think YOU can be a part of the solution?


What will you do to lead with conviction concerning DEI?

One last thought. Remember, diversity is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not the end game. Equity is. But in between diversity and equity is belonging and inclusion. Each of these cultural elements and values will require you to be self-aware, socially aware, culturally intelligent, extremely intentional, and systematically strategic. BUT as we seek to inspire our children, communities, and organizations by disrupting systemic racism, let’s be sure to always remember EQUITY is the end goal.


What is one thing you’ll commit to doing to be more of an inclusive leader?  Because

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” ~ Dr. Seuss



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