She was tired of doubting her value.

🙋🏽‍♀️I decided to stop doubting my value…

How is our value and worth determined?

When we think about something’s value—we look at it in terms of worth. So—How is the value or worth of something determined? Who is the authority that determines what something is worth?


Some people determine their self-worth by their assets, wealth or achievements. Others determine their worth by the powerful position or office they hold, number of friends or associates they have in “high, influential places” or even the number of likes, followers and subscribers on their social media platforms.

It’s not about our assets or our social approval.

But here’s the truth that’ll set you free. Our worth and value has absolutely nothing to do with what we have, what we can offer, who likes us or who approves of us. Our value has EVERYTHING to do with who GOD SAYS we are. When you’re convinced of your value & worth in HIS eyes —no other person’s standards, opinions or measures matter.


My dear friend. Please stop defining your worth by what you have, don’t have, do or don’t do. Please Stop allowing what others say, don’t say, see or don’t see in you serve as the measure for your worth. Make the decision to declare your value and worth in Christ daily because according to God, you were worth dying for (Jn 3:16; Romans 5:8)


Friend. PLEASE. Choose to please God over pleasing people so you can start enjoying a life that THRIVEs🌿


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