stop apologizing

Sorry, Not Sorry. My Unapologetic Manifesto.

Sorry, Not sorry. I will NOT apologize for…

  • The way I show up, stand up, stand out or speak up
  • The way I live, love, lead my life and family
  • The way I think, perceive, process or believe

Sorry, not sorry for:

  • My personality, my strengths, my flaws, and my failures
  • My passion, my dream, my goals, and ambitions
  • My purpose, my perspective, my priorities, and my imperfections

Sorry, not sorry for:

  • Not waiting on people to encourage me, esteem me, validate me or push me
  • Not wasting my divine energy trying to figure out what people think is wrong with me
  • Not living by people’s words, opinions, approval, disapproval, acceptance or rejection of me

Sorry, not sorry for:

  • Believing I am wonder-FULL, power-FULL, impact-FULL, resource-FULL and UNSTOPPABLE
  • Believing I am GREAT because I am divinely designed by Greatness for Greatness
  • Believing I am capable enough, competent enough, equipped enough and good enough
  • Believing BIG, dreaming BIG, hoping BIG and going BIG

I will not apologize because I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)

But what I am sorry for is not knowing all of this earlier in life.


What about you?

  1. What about yourself do you need to stop apologizing for?
  2. How will you no longer allow what other people may think or say about you to no longer stop you from being your authentic self?
  3. In ways have you been shrinking back from who you are–your uniqueness and giftedness?
  4. What action will you take today to bring your truest, most authentic self to the world?


Drop it in the comments section below. Or share your personal story or manifesto with me here. Friend, let’s stop apologizing for who we are so we can start sharing our greatness with the world. Because YOU, my dear friend, are PHENOMENAL! Yes you are!!



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