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Change your Story. Change your Life.

Personal Power 

What if I told you that you had the power to change your story and therefore your life. Would you agree? Outside of God, I believe I hold the most influence concerning whether I stay stuck–or get unstuck in life. The level to which I am willing and able to activate my faith in God will be the level to which I will stay stuck or move forward in life.  


The truth is a majority of people don’t like change because it is something beyond their control. Who doesn’t want to control their lives eh? Change is extremely uncomfortable and unpredictable. Yet change is the only constant in life. I love this quote that says:


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

Ouch! But good change helps us to innovate, create, invent, discover, advance and evolve. If change benefits us and our world in so many great ways, why do so many of us fear it? Is it because we can’t control it so we run from it in an effort to avoid it?


But we can’t outrun change or even avoid it. We may be able to delay a change in some area of our lives by refusing to adapt, but we will eventually have to face off with it. And most of the time, it takes us by surprise. Such as that unexpected pink slip, break-up, financial loss or death of a loved one. Or, maybe it’s that unexpected diagnosis, terminal illness, pregnancy, affair or divorce. 

The blame game

When it comes to getting unstuck in life, many of us play the blame game. We blame others for our current life status and unhappiness–we fault our bosses, our children, our parents, our spouse, our business partners and our colleagues for holding us back and not giving us the opportunities we think will move us ahead in life. It’s all their fault, right?


So often we blame others for our unhappiness and take on a victim mentality—blaming people for how we’ve been reared, abused or neglected in life. Or sometimes we blame poverty, our schooling, our upbringing and family culture, our community, our race, ethnicity, gender or even our religion for where we are today. Some of us may blame our traumatic experiences, relational losses and emotional pain for our current life status.


You know, it’s easy to play the blame game. Blaming others for what happened to us or how they shaped us, hurt us, wounded us and traumatized us. It’s so easy to blame people for not providing us with the support and resources we know we deserved and needed to move forward in life.

Blame keeps you stuck on the past

But you know what? Blame actually keeps you STUCK from progressing because it keeps your eyes fixed on the past, on what was done to you or not done for you. The Blame Game does NOTHING to improve the quality of your life. It does nothing to propel you forward in your goals. But it will keep you stuck in a vicious cycle of despair, disappointment, hurt, unforgiveness, offense, hopelessness, anger, and hatred. And I can’t imagine you want all of that, right? So now what?


Well, after you’ve identified what’s been keeping you stuck in life, your second step is to take personal responsibility for the change you want to see happen in your life. You must take responsibility for where your life is at today. Although you can’t change what happened to you, you can choose who you will become. And you have the power to decide what you will do with your today. You can change your life and live a better story.  But it’s all up to YOU.

The power of taking personal responsibility  

Taking personal responsibility for your life means rejecting the belief of “I am what happened to me.” It means rejecting the belief that “I am helpless and powerless to change my life.” It means taking hold of the truth that “I can do all things through God who strengthens me.” And it means believing the truth of “with God, all things are possible for those who believe” because God is all powerful and He is “able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all I could ever ask, think, or imagine” for my life—which includes helping me get unstuck.


We also take personal responsibility when we believe “no weapon (no hurt, no pain, no trauma) formed against me (in my past, present or future) will prosper.” When you take personal responsibility for your life, it means you believe (with God’s help) that you have the ability to lead your life to align with God’s purpose and plans for your life which are good, pleasing and perfect. 

Change your Story. Change your Life. 

The truth is, you don’t need permission from anyone to get unstuck. We have all the divine power we need for getting unstuck. You just need to access it by changing the story you’ve been telling yourself. Change your story to one where by faith you believe how capable, valuable, qualified and worthy and competent you are through God’s divine power working in you and through you.


If the story you’ve been telling yourself all these years contradicts who God says you are, and if it contradicts what He says you are capable of doing through Him, then you’re in the wrong story.


Take personal responsibility for your narrative so you can take the necessary action in changing it. We can’t change what we won’t confront. When you change your script, you’ll get unstuck because a biblical script is what will enable you to live a better story. Change your story to align with God’s story so you can change your life. 


What's your story?

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