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Feeling Stuck in Life

Over the past few weeks, I have spoken to SO many women who have expressed feeling stuck in life.  Feeling ‘stuck’ in life is when you feel you’re unable to achieve the desired progress, results, success, goals or outcomes in some area of your personal or professional life. So how does one get unstuck? 


Whether it’s your relationships, emotional well-being, finances or work-life, feeling stuck paralyzes you from making the progress you desire. And this inability to move forward in life causes you to feel discouraged, discontent, disappointed, devastated, distraught and maybe even distressed. So how do you get unstuck?

In certain seasons of my life, I too have felt stuck. I remember times when I walked in a constant state of fear and anxiety because everything seemed to be going wrong in my life. I just couldn’t progress the way I desired. Can you relate?


Financially Stuck

I remember my cars always breaking down, my house being broken into, my utilities being disconnected, my car being repossessed and experiencing a long period of unemployment after I graduated from college in 2003—- it seemed like I just couldn’t move forward personally or professionally. Maybe you’ve been there too. Billionaire and life coach Tony Robbins said:

 “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

I don’t know about you but this was true for me. 

It’s sad to say that many of us stay stuck in a rut because the pain of staying the same hasn’t become greater than the pain of change. But when the pain and pressure we experience becomes excruciating enough, it is then that we are most open to change. And it is THIS pain that pushes us to do something different. Maybe even drastic so we can live a better story.

But here’s my BIG question for you.

What’s really holding you back from moving forward and making the progress you want in life?

Stuck in Negative Mindsets

I believe the greatest thing holding us back in life is really not the things around us, it’s actually the things inside of us. It not other people. And it’s not our circumstances. For a majority of us, it’s our mindset(s). For me personally, there were 4 different mindsets that kept me stuck in life.

  1. A poverty mindset where I believed “I don’t have enough resources to _________” 
  2. A fixed mindset where I believed “I can’t or I won’t able to _______.” 
  3. A constraint-based mindset where I believed “There’s no way I can _______.” 
  4. A fear-based mindset where I believed “What if I fail, lose, make a mistake, get rejected ________.”

So What’s Keeping You Stuck?

What is keeping YOU stuck from moving forward and living a better story? Is it your mindset? Unforgiveness? Bitterness? Envy? Negative self-talk? Fear? Unbelief? Anger? The first step for how to get unstuck is:

Identify what’s hindering  you  from achieving your desired progress in life.

Discover what’s keeping you stuck

1. Gain insight and awareness into yourself. Reflect in silence and solitude so you can quiet your mind and identify what’s keeping you stuck. First know it— and then own it. Disconnect from the noise around you (people, media, work etc.) so you can listen to what’s going on inside of you–in your mind, body, emotions and heart. Notice it and acknowledge it.


2. Seek the perspective and counsel of wise others. Seek out the insight of trusted friends, mentors, counselors, pastors and loved ones. Ask them what they think could be holding you back. And be willing to listen. Without getting defensive. And be sure to inquire of God too because He knows you better than you know yourself.


3. Don’t live in the past. Don’t despise yourself for what you didn’t know or didn’t do in the past. You’re making the decision to get unstuck NOW! Recognize what kept you stuck in the past and then resolve to not make those same mistakes again. You’ve learned your lesson and now you’re moving forward. Period.

So, what’s your “stuck” story? What are you wrestling with? Or, what thoughts or recommendations do you have on getting unstuck? Drop me a comment below so we can start the conversation 🤗

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Coming up

In my next post, I’ll share step 2 of 5 for how I was able to get unstuck. As a hint, it had to do with my perspective. I believe my 5 Step Process to Get Unstuck in life can help YOU too. Stay posted. And stay encouraged. You got this!

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