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3 Secrets for Rising Strong and Transforming Your Life

Stuck and Weary

All of us have (or will) will experience seasons in life when we feel tired and broken down from the storms and trials of just living. But the key is making the decision to persevere and rise up. For some storms and struggles in life, we may find ourselves weak and unable to rise up. There are some things we simply can’t handle on our own. And it’s in those moments and situations of weakness when we are to call upon God to step in.


King David testified about this very thing in Ps. 40:2 where he experienced God lifting him out of a pit of destruction and despair. Where David was once stuck in a cycle of destruction, He was now free. Not because of his only ability to get himself unstuck, but because of God’s ability to pull him out of his rut of confusion and pain.

The Rising Strong Process

Not to long ago I listened to Dr. Brene Brown’s audiobook called “Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice”. You can listen to it for free on a mobile app called HOOPLA. In her audiobook, Brene shares about a process of rising from our falls and moving forward in life with more wisdom and wholeheartedness.


Her 3 phase process is called The Rising Strong Process. This is the framework I’ll be using for how we can partner with God in getting unstuck–and out of our pits. Our pits of despair, disappointment, discouragement, disappointment, anxiety, distress, hopelessness and so on.

The Reckoning

  • In the Reckoning phase, we start assessing and processing what could be keeping us stuck in our ruts. This is about recognizing how our thoughts (our personal narratives) are triggering our emotional reactions and responses. The reality is we need the Spirit of God to reveal to us what’s really going on in our hearts and minds because our hearts are deceitful and will lie to us (Jer. 17:9).

The Rumble

  • In the Rumbling phase, we confront the story we’ve been making up about our struggles, challenges and pit experiences. But it doesn’t end with acknowledgment. This phase requires you to start confronting and challenging the lies (or story) you’ve been telling yourself (about the situation or people in the story) and replacing it with God’s story (His truth). In this phase, we tear down every lie that has kept us stuck in our pit and we choose to believe the best rather than the worst in others and our situations.

The Revolution 

  • In the Revolution phase, we adopt God’s story for our lives and ask Him to write a new story for our lives. It is in this phase that we can rise up with God-Confidence knowing His story for us is filled with goodness beyond what we could ever think, dream or imagine. In the revolution phase, we are able to boldly rise up out of our pits BECAUSE of the ONE who pulls us out of it. This phase is not about self-reliance or self-confidence–it’s about God-reliance and God-confidence.


So Now What?

I used this Rising Strong (research-based) framework as a simple way to illustrate how we can go about getting unstuck in our lives. But from a spiritual perspective, the process requires you to:


  • Be honest with where you are, how you got there AND the feelings that go along with it. It’s about taking personal responsibility and not playing the victim.


  • Wrestle with every lie or story you’ve been telling yourself about your current self and future self. This requires you to take every lie/false narrative captive and replace it with God’s goodness and truth.


  • Get into God’s story and trust His ability to set you free from yourself and anything else keeping you stuck from becoming more like Him. This is about exchanging your story (personal narrative) for God’s story as revealed in His Word.


Life Lesson from Abraham

Romans Chapter 4 (the Message version) depicts the rising strong process in the life of Abraham. The turning point in Abraham’s life was when he trusted and believed God would fulfill His promise over his life. Even when everything around him looked hopeless. Abraham dared to trust God to do what only God could do. And he decided he would not live on the basis of what he couldn’t do, BUT on what God said he would do.


Abraham’s pit was his impotence. But he didn’t focus on his impotence and say “the promise is hopeless.” He didn’t doubt God’s promise and plans because he knew the fulfillment of the promise depended entirely on trusting God. Although his reality said he could never be a father in the natural, God’s reality says nothing is impossible, too difficult or too hard for God (Lk. 1:37;Lk. 18:27; Jer. 32:27). For Abraham, it was all about placing his hope and trust in God-reality with  God-confidence.


Rising up with God

In my last post, I talked about cultivating God-confidence as one strategy for getting unstuck. I’ll say it again because it warrants repeating due to the power of its truth. You alone, in your own strength, are incapable of getting yourself unstuck. But when you trust in God’s ability to pull you out of your rut, He will set things right for you (Rom. 3:21-24 MSG) and your life will get in step with God (3:27-28). It all comes down to “shifting your focus from what you do, to what God does” for you (3:31). So how about you?


Reflecting on the Rising Strong Process in Christ

1. Awareness: How can I become more aware of the thoughts that are influencing my mental health, emotional well-being, spiritual connection with God, and my social interactions? How can I become more aware of what triggers me emotionally? How can I become more curious about my emotional experiences and uncover the root issue within me?


2. Engagement: What lies about myself, others and God do you need to tear down so you can get into God’s story/truth? What truths revealed in God’s word do I need to start including in my personal narrative?


3. Responsiveness: What action will I take today to cultivate more God-confidence instead of more self-confidence? What new habits do I need to create mentally, emotionally and spiritually to bring about renewal in every area of my life?


The Secret to Life Transformation

The secret to getting unstuck and transforming your life is found in your surrender to God. It’s about partnering with God by entering into your transformation process by faith. Because ultimately, it’s God who transforms you. Ps. 120:1 tells us that God will answer us when we call out to Him in our distress. He is our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble (Ps.46:1). There is no rut He can’t pull you out of. All you need to do is call on Him for help and He will do the rescuing.

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