She decided to set God-Directed Goals

“If you FAIL TO PLAN, you’re planning to FAIL”~Benjamin Franklin

God-Driven Goals

If we want to succeed and become all God wants us to be, God MUST be a part of our 2020 goals. If we want God to establish our plans, He needs to be invited into our planning process. But goal setting God’s way first starts with knowing and embracing His vision and purpose for our life.


When we don’t have God’s vision for our lives, we wander through life without direction, purpose, meaning or significance. We end up living for ourselves instead of for God. After we know God’s purposes and catch His vision for our life—all of our goals, priorities and daily actions should seek to serve His purposes and plans.


Don’t fall prey to DRIFTING through life without a clear God-inspired vision.

I DID FOR DECADES and I felt unhappy, useless and unfulfilled for years!! All because I didn’t know any better. But now that I know better—I DO BETTER!


When God is in Your Goals

Seek the Lord and discover HIS plans and purpose for your life. Seek to know HIS VISION for your life so you can run with clarity, passion and a sense of purpose and significance. Then, commit your plans/goals/ways to Him so you can prosper (Prov.16:3).


Gain the God-perspective AND strategies you need to not only live a life of personal SUCCESS—but most importantly, a life of kingdom SIGNIFICANCE. If you want to rethink how you’ve been setting goals—and if you want to do a better job of inviting God INTO YOUR PLANS-check out EPISODE #27 of my podcast here👉🏽@leadlovethive

It’ll truly help you to lead your life stronger.


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