She decided to stop chasing purpose.

🙋🏽‍♀️I decided to stop chasing purpose…..


A few years ago, (Nov.7, 2017 to be exact), I heard the words “STOP CHASING PURPOSE” loud and clear in my heart. As a high-achiever, I was DETERMINED to fulfill my purpose because I thought it was mine to fulfill.


I’ve since discovered it’s THE LORD who fulfills His purposes for me (Ps.138:8 ESV) BUT It’s MY JOB to SURRENDER to His purposes. If we want God’s purpose to be fulfilled in our lives, we must decide to chase His presence over our purpose (Mt. 6:33).



Dr. Tony Evans spoke to this so powerfully when he said

“Don’t worry about finding your purpose if you’re seeking after God because your purpose will find you”.

My dear friend. Please make the decision to chase God’s presence over chasing your purpose because when you find Him, your purpose will then find YOU. I encourage you to make THIS decision daily so you can THRIVE in life!🌿



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