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What I’m letting go of in 2020 and beyond

As I look over this past decade of my life, I’ve discovered and experienced a greater sense of joy, purpose, well-being, peace, and significance by letting go of 6 major things (see below). In 2020 and beyond, I commit to embracing 6 other things at a greater level so I can receive all God wants to do in and through me. It’s time for me to live a better story. How about you? What’s on your “let go” and “embrace” list? I’d love to know!

Things I’m Letting Go of:

  1. Negative Mindsets of fear, doubt, self-criticism, hopelessness, and scarcity
  2. Self-Deprecation concerning my unique personality, giftedness, talents, and strengths
  3. Egocentric Goals that serve my own desires, plans, dreams and purposes
  4. Negative Identity concerning my value, worth, genius and greatness
  5. Self-confidence that trusts primarily in my abilities & skills for strength, success and significance in life
  6. Shrinking back from my authentic self, staying silent on things that matter to God and staying small so others can feel bigger, better and comfortable

Things I’m Embracing at a Greater Level 

1. Biblical Mindsets of Faith, Hope, and Abundance

Our mindsets shape our lives. As we think, so are we. I want good, true, loving, hope-filled, peaceful, pure, noble, praiseworthy, life-giving & life-changing God-thoughts to lead my life. A mindset of faith, hope and abundance are how we can grow, thrive and live our best life.


2. Self-Appreciation

Being true to who we are honors God because we were created in His image. I will not apologize for being His unique masterpiece. I will celebrate and appreciate the unique strengths, gifts and impact I bring to the world because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


3. God-Centric Goals

My goals can serve my purposes and plans or God’s. My perspective is limited, but God’s is unlimited. My ways are imperfect but God’s ways are perfect. I want my goals to serve God’s perfect purposes for my life, NOT my own.


4. God-Identity

I am who God says I am. I won’t allow others to define me or limit me. I can and will do everything God says I can do through Christ who strengthens me. I am not defined by what I do, what I have or what I achieve. I am not defined by what people think, feel or say about me. I am defined by what God says and thinks of me. I am Christ’s ambassador, a global influencer, created to do good works for His glory and kingdom purposes.


5. God-confidence

My “success” in life is not dependent on MY efforts, initiative or abilities. It’s dependent on my faith and actions PLUS God’s abilities and initiative on my behalf. My hope, trust and confidence are in God. Not my SELF.



I don’t need the approval and acceptance of people to flourish in life and feel worthy of love and belonging. I only need God’s acceptance and that makes me whole and complete, lacking nothing. God’s acceptance of me has nothing to do with my abilities, gifts or “goodness.” It has everything to do with His goodness and unconditional love for me as His child. Because in Christ, I am MORE than enough.


👉🏽As you look forward to a new year and new decade,

  • What will you let go of and embrace so you can live the abundant life God promised you? 
  • What truths will you embrace so you can live with greater peace, passion, confidence, purpose, and power in 2020?

Drop me your list or thoughts in the comments below so I can cheer you on! Let’s get after ALL God has for us in this new year and beyond. Because our BEST DAYS are ahead! Believe it so you can receive it! Peace xoxo

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