When you remember whose you are, you will stop apologizing for who you are.

Words Can and Do Hurt

I can still remember how I felt a few years ago when I was told how my personality got on a certain individual’s nerves. Let’s just say I didn’t feel all warm and fuzzy inside. On the contrary, that statement really hurt me.


Although I have since forgiven this person for what was said and although I received a personal apology after communicating how this statement negatively affected me, I can still recall how that statement made me feel. I felt misunderstood, dejected, unappreciated, unaccepted, unwelcome and unwanted. And even though I don’t believe there was intent was to hurt me, the reality is those words negatively impacted me. 


It’s funny how words can hurt you huh? Some may argue that words only have meaning if you ascribe meaning to them. But others would argue that words can still impact how you feel about yourself and think about yourself. Just go ask the half a million youth in foster care who have been emotionally and psychologically damaged by negative words. This post is being written for anyone and everyone who feels like they have been misunderstood, devalued, unaccepted, unwelcome, unwanted and uncelebrated because of their personality. And even though you may be described as a particular personality type, you are not defined by your personality type.


Personality Types 

As someone who has studied personality development as an undergraduate psychology major, I won’t bore you with all the theories on how personality is formed and developed. My purpose in this blog is to simply encourage you to embrace and celebrate your God-given personality—regardless of what others think of your wiring. I truly believe your unique personality traits and characteristics were intentionally fashioned by God as a one of a kind masterpiece—a masterpiece divinely designed as a gift to share with the world. So are some personality types better than others?


To put it frankly, there’s no personality type that is more superior or more desirable than other types. All personality types are unique and possess various strengths and weaknesses. Whether you have explored and identified your personality as defined by the Big 5 Personality Test, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Enneagram Type, DISC test, or Temperament test, your personality is inherently good. And although your personality traits are relatively stable over time, they can change gradually over the span of your life.



Regardless of your personality type, I want you to know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. And you know what? There is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! That’s right! You heard me–you are not a misfit, a lunatic, a weirdo or abnormal. And although genetic and environmental factors influenced your personality traits, God is able to transform any of your unhealthy, unproductive or negative personality traits. He is also able to use those very traits and cause them to work together for your good. Did you know God uses your personality weaknesses to help you depend on Him–His strength, power, and abilities?


The reality is we all sin and fall short. We all have personality traits that are not pleasing to God or other people. But we are all a work in progress. We all need God’s grace to cover our weaknesses and shortcomings. And we all need to extend grace to others for their weaknesses and less than desirable personality traits. We all have blind spots in our character and personality; and we all are in need of a Savior to save us from our sins, shortcomings, failures, faults, and flaws. 


You’re a Masterpiece

But if there is one message I want to you receive in this post it’s this: You are God’s handiwork—His masterpiece—divinely designed with a unique personality to fulfill a unique purpose in this earth. Don’t you dare let others look down on who you are! And don’t you dare let others make you feel less than—less than desirable, less than wanted and loved, less than accepted, less valuable  or not good enough.


 “Who are you, a human being, to talk back to God? Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, “Why did you make me like this?” (Rom 9:20).

Do you not know God formed your inmost being; do you not know that you were knit together in your mother’s womb and do you not know that you have been fearfully and wonderfully made? (Ps. 139:13-14). 


Stop Apologizing

So please. Stop apologizing for what makes you uniquely you. 

    • How you need to process new information
    • How you feel about your values and priorities
    • Your signature strengths, talents, and passions
    • Your ambitious drive and relentless determination 
    • How you need to manage your energy and well-being
    • What makes you come alive
    • Your wonder—-delight, good, beauty, strength, and confidence.


Be You Unapologetically

Recognize and celebrate your divine design. Know that you are:

  • marvelous
  • beautiful
  • remarkable
  • uncommon
  • extraordinary
  • exceptional
  • incredible
  • awesome
  • flawsome
  • perfectly-imperfect
  • a masterpiece. Just as you are. So be you. Unapologetically. 

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  • Patty Amendolea April 24, 2019   Reply →

    You continue to amaze me amiga with your insight and encouragement! Love you

  • Radhika Cruz April 24, 2019   Reply →

    Hey Amigaaaaa!!! Thank you for the love!!! So glad you’re being encouraged. Heck! I encourage myself too because the first person I write for is to help Myself LOL! Love you friend!!

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