You are an inspiration

You are an Inspiration to others. Let me count the ways.

“You’re not inspirational.” Words spoken into my life by a highly respected and influential leader. I’m not gonna lie. Those words caused me to believe I wasn’t good enough to be an effective leader. Because a leader is supposed to be inspirational right?

Receive it or Reject it?


Now, in all fairness, I don’t believe this leader intended to harm me with these words but the truth is, they impacted me deeply. Because I highly valued this leader’s perspective of me, it caused me to doubt my value and ability to lead others to growth and action. But after self-loathing for a few weeks, I knew I had a decision to make. I could choose to agree with this opinion of me or I could choose to reject it. I chose to reject it.


Often times we don’t realize how our words can take the wind out of someone’s sails. We fail to recognize how our expressed opinions can cause someone to stumble or run from their God-given purpose. All because of what we say and fail to see or believe is true about them. 


Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t hold any hard feelings against this person at all. In fact, I love this person dearly. But God in his goodness turned this experience around for my good. How you may ask? Well. It caused me to seek the Lord for validation, comfort, and assurance. And because of that, I discovered something about myself that brought me so much joy, confidence, and peace. But before I share with you what I discovered, I first want to say this. 

Not everyone can see you

Sometimes people have a very limited view concerning the gifts and strengths others possess. In my particular experience, this leader had a very limited view of how people actually inspire others. If this person fully understood that there are many ways people can inspire, they never would have made such a statement.


But like I said earlier. This “you’re not inspirational” statement didn’t make me bitter. In fact, it made me better. Better because I now have a greater awareness of my inspirational traits. (I’m going to get to that in just a sec). But I want to speak this directly into you so listen closely. 


If someone has projected a negative or limiting belief onto you concerning an area of your competence, abilities, giftedness or talents, etc., I want you to reject that limiting belief. You do not have to receive or believe what others say or express about you. The question I have for you is do you know what God says about you?


What do you see and believe?

What amazing treasures do YOU believe God has placed inside of you, even if others can’t see it, believe it or speak it? Hold on to what you know is true about you because people will not always be able to recognize your giftedness. Just look at King David. His own family wasn’t able to see the king in him. Joseph’s family didn’t see the world-class leader in him. And many in Jesus’ day failed to recognize him as the son of God and the Savior of the world. You get my point. 


People will not always see or believe in your purpose, giftedness or greatness. And that’s okay. But what you need to see AND believe is that God has greatly gifted and equipped you with everything you need to fulfill the assignment He has for your life. There’s no need to gain man’s approval or validation. And there’s not need to live by man’s word because if you live your life based on what others say about you, you will die by what they say about you. You are a custom made masterpiece. You were created to do great works using the gifts God has placed inside of you. Reject anything on the contrary. 


Discover Your Inspirational Traits

So now I want to share with you the article God used to help me recognize my inspirational traits. 


But first of all, did you know there are “33 distinct and tangible attributes that are statistically significant in inspiring others?” According to research by Bain, you only need one of 33 traits to be an inspirational leader. However, the most inspiring and exceptional leaders have at least four. 


As I reflected on this research, I realized I had 10 of these inspirational traits!! According to this research framework, that makes me an exceptional inspirational leader! And you know what? I believe you’re an inspirational leader too!! Even if others don’t see it or believe it about you—YOU BELIEVE IT ABOUT YOU! Choose to no longer receive the limiting beliefs others have projected onto you. Reject that mess. Decide to rise up, speak up and take your rightful place shining in your God-given inspirational gifts. 


Crash the Chatterbox

And don’t be shocked when those negative voices try to make you shrink back and stay silent. That almost happened to me when I wrote this post. The voice in my head said, “this blog post isn’t inspirational enough so why bother publishing it.” But because I refused to listen to that voice, many people reached out and told me how much they needed an encouraging word. Had I believed that voice, many people wouldn’t have received needed hope and encouragement. 


Remember. You are NOT defined by the thoughts, opinions and limiting beliefs others have of you. You are defined by God. The power you need to be all you were created to be is not found in what others see, don’t see, say, don’t say, believe or don’t believe about you. It’s found in God.


If you’re a child of God, you are Christ’s ambassador. And Christ’s ambassadors are powerful, exceptional and inspirational. And not because of the gifts He’s given you. It’s because of the presence and power of Christ dwelling IN you. So you, my friend, are in fact an inspirational and exceptional kingdom influencer. See it. Believe it. Be it. 


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