Lessons Learned through Self-Discovery.


I am SO GRATEFUL to have been able to enjoy another year of life and celebrate my birthday!! Although this past year included some BIG disappointments, I’ve learned more about myself (my strengths and weaknesses) and I’ve grown SO much through leadership pain and pressure. I am convinced the things that occurred in my life this past year did not happen to me–they happened for me. For my growth AND my good!!

On my birthday last year, I went live on FB to celebrate my top 10 strengths as identified by the CliftonStrengthsfinder. This year, I decided to share my top ten lessons learned during my 42nd year of life. You can check out those lessons HERE or read them below. I hope the video/list will encourage you to cultivate more hope, faith, and trust in God who will fulfill His plans and purpose for your life (Ps. 57:2)


Self-Discoveries in Year 42

  1. Success in life is not found in my striving and self-initiative. It’s found in my surrender and God’s initiative.
  2. Overcoming self-doubt is not rooted in my self-confidence. It’s rooted in my God-confidence.
  3. A discouraged heart comes from seeing things from my limited perspective and power. But a hope-FULL heart comes from seeing things from God’s eternal perspective & unlimited power.
  4. My personal pain is not pointless or frivolous to God. God cares and turns my pain into something purpose-FULL and power-FULL.
  5. Doubting my divine gifts and divine power causes me to be paralyzed by fear. But standing confidently in my God-given gifts and power causes me to be unstoppable and power-full because of the supernatural power of God working in me and through me to do great things.
  6. True belonging and acceptance require me to be my true self and not change my true self.
  7. My life journey is more about the growth of my character (who I’m becoming) rather than my arrival to a desired destination (where I am going).
  8. Learning to relax and enter into what God is doing for me always proves to exceed what I can ever imagine, hope for, dream or achieve in my own strength.
  9. The fulfillment of God’s promises, plans, and purposes for my life has nothing to do with what I can do. It has everything to do with believing what God promised He would do for me.
  10. God always transforms my life disappointments and obstacles into divine appointments and opportunities for my growth and good. God sets up ALL THINGS (including my failures, weaknesses, mistakes, missteps, and setbacks) to work together for my good.


What lessons have you learned this past year? Do share! (((HUGS)))


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