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Cocooning for Growth and Personal Transformation. The road back to me.

I have a confession to make. I have been cocooning since June to grow and transform into a better version of myself.

Let me give you some context. For the past 5-6 years of my life, I have been running hard. I’ve been building ministry teams and ministry programs in 2 different mega churches in our country. I’ve also been building my professional resume as an adult learning and development training specialist and adding to my professional certifications. ┬áMoreover, I’ve been working hard to create quality life-style content on my Facebook and Instagram social media platforms, personal blog and podcast.


I’ve also been working hard to build up other women in my life who have reached out to me for spiritual counsel, coaching, and mentoring. And I’ve also been working to build up my son, husband, and other family members to ensure they have the social, emotional, and spiritual support they need to succeed and thrive in life.


The Moment of Truth

In June, I realized I had been so laser-focused on building others up, that I was failing to focus on my well-being. Recognizing this has caused me to push pause on my blogging, podcasting, and social media activities so I can get back on the road to prioritizing ME.


I am now taking a step back to redefine what ministry means and looks like for me outside of vocational ministry. I am taking a step back to really clarify and define my true priorities in life. And I am taking a step back to evaluate the use of my time and energy to ensure it is aligned with my convictions, values and priorities–with my personal health and well-being being at the very top of my list.


In order for me to bring my best self to those I lead, love, work with, and serve, I had to get honest with myself. I had to get honest about the fact that I always felt lethargic, irritable, and even a bit depressed. I had to get honest about why I kept avoiding the scale. I had to get honest about the fact that my daily schedule of activities was often not reflecting my priorities and personal values. I had to get honest about the fact I was neglecting and hurting my temple (body). And I had to get honest about the things that were draining me (such as social media) of the precious mental and emotional energy I needed to focus on what and who mattered most to me. My health/well-being and my family. So with those realizations, I’m eating my own words by having made some BIG decisions so I could thrive in life.


Life-Style Overhaul

ONE of those BIG decisions has been adopting a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. After learning more about how our western diet of meat, dairy, and eggs is literally causing us to have diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes–AND after seeing how my family was fairing when it came to matters such as blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol levels–I knew a drastic lifestyle change was warranted for ME AND my entire family.


Adopting a new lifestyle or way of living requires GRIT, commitment, conviction, discipline, prioritizing, and planning. A few resources that have significantly influenced my decision to adopt this type of lifestyle include:

  • The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall
  • Forks over Knives Documentary
  • What the Health Documentary
  • Food, Inc. Documentary
  • Vegucated Documentary
  • Food Matters Documentary

Prioritizing You

Did you know that Black women are dying faster and at higher rates than any other people group in America from PREVENTABLE obesity-related illnesses? Did you know that half of Black girls will get diabetes unless their diet and levels of activity are changed? Did you know that 82% of Black women are OVER a healthy weight and 53% are obese? And did you know that EVERY SINGLE DAY IN AMERICA, 137 BLACK WOMEN die from a preventable disease? Heart disease specifically.


That’s every 11 minutes y’all! This number is greater than the number of those dying from gun violence, cigarette smoking, and HIV combined every day. Why is no one talking about this? It is for these reasons (and more) that I have committed to adopting a whole-foods plant-based lifestyle. Will you join me? Will you commit to investing in YOUR SELF by exercising DAILY and adopting healthier food choices? The food we eat truly is the food we wear.


Choose your health over that burger, fried chicken and fatty, sugary dessert. I challenge you to look at your diet and physical activity and ask yourself, “What’s stopping me from investing in my health and preventing diseases in my body?” Then ask yourself “What action do I need to take in order to be my best, most healthiest self inside and out?” Imagine what a whole-foods plant-based diet would do for your mental, emotional, physical well-being. Imagine what it would do for your energy and productivity. Imagine what it would do for your future. Your family. Just imagine. Take control of your life so you can live your best life. I will be cheering you on because I am in this with you. The research is very clear. What will you decide?



If this blog post struck a chord with you, I’d love to hear from you. Let thy food be thy medicine. Not thy comfort. Love you friend! Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to share your story with me HERE so I can encourage you on your journey and season of cocooning and celebrate your successes!



For additional support and motivation, be sure to check out Girl Trek to find out how you can connect with a group of women who are committed to better health and well-being. Be sure to check out their Black History Bootcamp podcast HERE or visit their website at blackhistorybootcamp.com.



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  • Crystal Heard August 14, 2020   Reply →

    Time for changes….

    • Radhika Cruz August 31, 2020   Reply →

      Indeed my friend!

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