Living by faith

Positive Self-Talk is Good. But this type of self-talk is Best.

Our self-talk or internal dialogue is powerful. Did you know your self-talk can actually lead to your healing? Our self-talk impacts our self-esteem, sense of worth, self-confidence and self-image. It also impacts the way we act and make decisions. I guess what I’m trying to say is that our self-talk affects every area of our lives. For the good or bad. 

3 types of Self-Talk

I recently read an article about the 3 types of self-talk:

  • Negative Self-Talk: this form of inner dialogue is discouraging and damaging. It sounds like: “I’m not worthy, I’m stupid or I’m not smart enough”
  • Positive Self-Talk: this form of inner dialogue is useful and helpful. It sounds like: “I’m worthy of love, I’m competent and I’m more than enough”
  • Possibility Self-Talk: this form of inner dialogue is full of optimism and hope. It sounds like: “What if I can do or become this?” It can even sound like “can these dry bones live again?” (Ezekiel 37) 


Faith Talk

What we say to ourselves has the power to free us and heal us or enslave us and hurt us. I believe we thrive in life when our internal dialogue is full of faith-talk. Faith talk is when our internal dialogue communicates assurance of things hoped for in the absence of evidence. It’s having unwavering confidence in the power, wisdom, and goodness of God to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ever ask for, think or imagine. 


The other day I was reading in the Bible about the woman who had been bleeding for 12 years (Matthew 9). I know how uncomfortable, inconvenient and irritating it is to bleed for 5 days straight out of every month for decades (I’m just being real) but to bleed every single day for 12 years straight? I can’t even imagine the discomfort and agony she must have felt. If she was married, I can only imagine how this must have negatively impacted sexual intimacy with her husband. I’m sure he was not a happy camper. One of God’s greatest gifts to be shared between a husband and wife was threatened (if not destroyed) because of this issue of blood.


So not only did this woman need miraculous physical healing but I think she also may have needed healing in her marriage. When we experience a problem in one area of our lives, it usually trickles into other areas of our lives. But here is what I learned from this short account on this amazing faith-filled woman.

Faith Talk + Faith Walk= Healing

  • Her internal dialogue reflected continuous faith talk: “she had been saying to herself…If I…I will be healed
  • Her faith talk led her to faith walk: her belief caused her to take action 
  • Her faith talk AND faith walk led to her healing: it was her confident faith in Jesus’ power PLUS her faith in action that led to her miraculous healing

I’m not sure if this woman’s self-talk was ALWAY full of faith in the past, BUT, it appears she learned how to lead her internal dialogue to a present place of continuous faith.


It was her faith talk and faith walk that made her hope of being healed a reality. Her faith had made her well.


Living by Faith

When we can learn to live life with this type of confident assurance concerning things we know are divinely guaranteed—then we will know what it truly means to live by faith. 


Friend, I don’t know what issues you’ve been battling in your life, but trust in God’s power and ability to save you, heal you and deliver you. Your job is to strengthen your faith talk AND faith walk and God’s job is to respond to your faith in His way and timing.


I hope you’ll make the decision to trust God and keep saying to yourself “If I keep trusting, hoping and waiting on the Lord;  If I keep seeking the Lord first with all my heart, all these things will be added to me” (Is. 40:31; Mt. 6:33). 


My prayer is that you will guard your heart and INCREASE your faith talk and faith walk DAILY.  And as you seek God first and trust Him to work on your behalf, I BELIEVE you will be healed, whole and well in Jesus’ name.

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